Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Goodness! How fast time flies!!

Its been months since i last wrote.
Haven't had the mood to write for awhile. I know mom and dad has been checking off and on to see if i've written. So, here's another 2 cents worth of my blabbing.

Its more than half a year of 2005 gone, how fast time flies! I've already been working 4.5 months and learning what it is like being "independent" so to speak. A learning experience no doubt. Ha!

What is currently on my mind now? Apart from doing some proof reading, my mind is kinda wandering away to end of this week! haha! Mom and dad will be coming. Okie la, not forgetting that my little (fine, he is no more "little") bro is back from S'pore for a week plus.
Another exciting week is awaiting me..... my family is together... AND Lex will be coming again! And bro, Lex n myself will be going to S'pore next weekend. Gonna spend sometime with bro, Pr Victor n Aunty Kelly.

I'm hungry... thinking of food already... *gosh*
Alright.. will write more another time.... hopefully.. *gulp*

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

a weekend worth remembering

the last weekend, 19th-20th March was a weekend to remember.
Reason being??

Haha, to say the least, Lex turned 26 over the weekend. That in itself could be something worth celebrating for, not to mention that we celebrated it together after all these years. *wink*

Let's start early 19th morn, I received an sms 5.45am from Lex, saying he couldn't take the 1st flight out from KK. He'll wait till the later flight. I was falling in and out of sleep, praying for a seat out of KK soon. By 7.20am, Lex still hasn't got a seat, he said he'll go home and rest awhile before heading back to the airport.
At that rate, i was getting panicky, Lord, please prevail again!
I went out before 10am to run some errands, dropby Ikea to buy Lex something he wanted & get milk. He rang about 10.20am saying he got the 10.30am flight and will be seeing me very soon. I was leaping at Ikea! haha! Thank you Lord!!

So, by 1.30pm, Lex and I were driving back from KLIA.
We went to Meaty House for dinner (they serve really good pork ribs, well, birthday boy wanted prok ribs.. hehe). I had the grilled fish - i must say, it was really good!
i know, at this rate, you must be thinking, whatever food that is on the table would be good since the company for dinner was special! very, very true. But hey, we still know the difference between good food and not. *wink*

What next?? ICE CREAM!!! yups, we went all the way to Pyramid just to have "our" ice-cream - we use to frequent Baskin Robbins when there was a shop in Taipan, but it disappeared already. the nearest was in Pyramid. so, we had another 'talk talk' session at the ice cream place.

Sunday, a BIG BIG BIG BIG day for DUMC.
why? it is our 25 anniversary celebration. It was MEGA scale! imagine, 2400 packed into Sunway Convention Centre, mind you, its 2400 ppl in sit down dinner style setting.
but it was awesome!!
Lex and i were ready by 5pm, went out to the car, a minute later, it started to pour like cats and dogs! Praise God for His provision! Who said God doesn't take care of your 'little' needs too?

took us awhile to find a parking, almost 25 mins. But God provided one finally, really, at that time, it was let go, let God. the moment we did, eh, a parking lot was available.

to cut it short, it was good to be back "home" to church for both of us, celebrating in style with familiar people. Pr Daniel shared the vision of the church for the future - and to think of it, not being a partner for the vision doesn't seem to be "right", there's so much potential to further impact people. *wink*
what is this vision?? Our DREAM CENTRE! wanna find out more??
ask any DUMC member..
oh well, time for class, training is starting..
here begins another day of total 'Greek' to me, programming.. *eeeeeeeeeeekkkk*

Monday, February 28, 2005

last day of Feb

Feb is already over! haha
how fast time flies!

its now officially my 9th day at work! ;)
thought since i got in early, i've got spare time to send off some e-mails and update my blog.
finally got to park my car at the RM4 per day car park! (which is only abt 4 mins of walk from office) and i survived driving to KL. the tricky bit is leaving during peak hours after work!

last Fri was Accenture's AD&D (annual dinner & dance)
i didn't go to the extreme to dress up for the night (60s, 70s, 80s theme)
but managed to pass through the fashion police!
however, my other friends took the liberty to apply make up on me, and another gal whom i just got to know that day itself, gave me a pair of earrings to match my blouse. it was such an experience, seeing them apply make up, 'its all part of being a woman' one said. Not that i feel any less. But another friend said that one day i'll change my mind! at one point, i tried to put on my own blush, and someone cautioned me to look in the mirror, if not, i'd be like a clown!
good thing i didnt!

our band, Accentrics was the new band this year, all newbies that joined in the last year and we blew the crowd away!
i'm so proud to be part of the team. We were a bit nervous, having to live to up expectations of last year's band. my part was minor, back-up and dancer. ya, our band even had a 2 person dance team! i let my hair down that night, partly imagined i was dancing before the Lord, and i wasn't as stiff as before! *wink*

good thing not everyone was 'encouraged' into drinking, thus most of us were still sober, though there were quite a number who was totally 'out'! work hard, play hard, drink hard!
i got home safe and spent the weekend watching season 3 of 24.
*gosh* i'm addicted to 24! but i had the sufficient rest! that's good news!

Sunday, February 20, 2005

working life

it was quite interesting my first 3 days of work!
first day.. immediately after orientation, i was put into a team of 4 to do a proposal and stayed up to 11pm. Caught a cab home.
2nd day, went in at 8am, then stayed till 10pm.
i had free meals - from my team members who are seniors and partners too.
it was a learning curve.. a lot to learn and experience.
next week is the company's annual dinner and dance. the newbies like me has to do a performance, so, with the band, we're doing a dance. a simple 60s, 70s dance.. quite funny.
anyway.. its back to work tomorrow.. 6am rise and shine!
Thank God for another day!

Saturday, February 05, 2005

back in Subang

i'm finally back in Subang..
in my room at my aunt's.. with the laptop sitting on my lap.. enjoying the privacy.. haha.. but i have to do something to the lighting in this room.. cannot tahan.. slightly dim!

Lex is safely back in Sitiawan.. it was quite a long day for us both (more for him than me!)..
well.. Lex and I ended up not going to Poring yesterday..
we went do some shopping - for 'har mai' and ingredients to cook the filling for chicken mushroom pie..
Lex helped out with the mushroom production.. haha.. cutting it into quarters.. i haven't seen anyone cut mushroom like he does.. as in.. REALLY quarters! i recall once before i asked him to cut potatoes into cubes (in my mind.. as long as 'yat lup lup' it was fine), he actually made sure each piece was a cube! i found it quite funny!!
anyway.. we managed to cook up quite a simple meal.. and enjoyed it after.. filling!!
later that night.. we went for dinner at Krishnan (Banana leaf rice) with J & Ai & E-Foo.

we had fish head curry.. chilli sotong, and quails. i as usual, enjoyed the spicy brinjal!! yummy!
when we were abt to head off, as everyone stood up, the guys.. were rubbing their belly.. haha.. Ai and I were laughing.. just so cute!
John suggested we go for juice.. i had no objections.. ordered sour sop.. man.. it was GOOD!
chatted till abt 10++pm then went back to John's place.

This morning.. we got up early to catch the morning flight back to KL.
mom and dad picked us up from the airport. we rested.
Lex went off in the evening.. while we got ready for dad's bday dinner at KGNS.
again makan makan makan.
hehe.. but i tried putting on my working pants.. still can wear.. *phew*!!

i'll be leaving for Ipoh early Mon morning.. so wil be going to church tomorrow with mom.
so.. that's it for now.. ciaoz..

Thursday, February 03, 2005

my 3 weeks is coming to an end

how time flies!!
especially when i'm enjoying myself!
i'll be leaving KK in 2 days.. well.. 1.5 days to be exact..

my thoughts are flying everywhere..
realised yesterday that i'll be starting work in less than 2 weeks..
and i've got major adjustment to do when i'm back from CNY.. working life..
church wise.. i know more ppl in Skyline then in DUMC at this point in time!!!
so.. another matter for me to 'work' at..

i'm listening to Malay music now.. believe it or not!!
haha.. its by a Indo Christian band - GMB.. Lex got me 'hooked'!
i guess after the Timbua trip.. i've got my sense of appreciation for the Malay language back.. and a genuine liking for their songs and how they worship God in simple language! no big big jargon!

and another unbelievable fact..
Lex has been wanting to take me to eat 'lo pak ko'..
and 4 (FOUR!) times we went there.. we didn't manage to get it..
twice - not open
once - we were too early (we had to rush off somewhere)
once - sau thong.. i.e. HABIS!
wah.. frus frus.. now we both geram to go back there..
that man really opens and closes base on his mood.. all the 4 times we were there.. we didn't go back the same time.. and yet we couldn't catch him!

and in abt 2 weeks.. we had 3 rounds of durian!!
the bitter sweet and milky type.. hahahaha.. i think that should be enough durian to last me until March! haha

just finished reading a book by John Grisham.. moving on the kau tim another before i leave..
so.. that's it for now.. will write more abt the Poring Hot Springs after tomorrow.

Tuesday, February 01, 2005


Sat 29Jan2005

5.45am - woke up, help upload stuff to pick up.

7.00am - met at Sabah Trade Centre

7.45am - off we went, 4 4WDs, 2 pick-ups. I was in a Land Cruiser, Lex was driving.. we had the amps and the entire drum set at the back, Addie, Melissa & Rachel as passengers.

10.30am - arrived Ranau, had KFC for brunch. continued on..
had a VERY clear view of Mt KK, the full range.. beautiful!!
road went from mountain ranges to rocky, stone road.. where we got the 'full' power of the 4WD.
Timbua was a good 1-1.5 hours on rocky road inside the interior.

1.30pm - arrived @ church in Timbua, unpacked and unloaded. we were gonna sleep in the church hall.
i rested after that.. the worship team set up their intruments, and started practising for the night rally.

3.30pm - meeting with the Timbua youth leaders.. feedback, how we can help etc etc. i was basically the 3rd party insider!

5.00pm - went shower - at the Pastor's place.. the only 'proper' toilet/bath. the gals had the privilege.. the guys.. well.. in the outdoor toilet. then spent some time with a few gals.. talked with them.. did some simple origamy with them.

6.00pm - drivers (6 adults) went pick up the kids from the boarding school so they could come for the night rally.. imagine.. all vehicles were full of kids.. say abt 12 including driver each, they made 2 rounds... also abt same time we had dinner - cooked by Christabel, Crystal and Nick, plus help from the kampung folk.. yummy yet simple dinner.

7.00pm - the church hall is starting to fill up as the 4WDs started dropping kids off. worship team was praying..
i helped out with ice-breakers since the leaders were the drivers, and were making their 2nd trip to the school. haha.. 1st time speaking MALAY continuously after 4-5 years!! was rusty at first.. but managed to pick up..

7.45pm - all drivers were back.. leaders got ready.. Lex went to eat dinner.. and prepared to 'preach'.. ya.. in BM.. Evany and myself held the fort before the worship team started..
then bang! LOUD music.. got the kids to jump.. but they were not used to it..

8.30pm - Lex got up to share "Idola" = Idols
i was quite amazed at his fluency and vocabulary.. hehe.. i was quite impressed!!
he related quite well to the kids.. cracking jokes and having good interaction with them.. and they were taking notes!!! coolz..
then.. the unfortunate thing happenned - the generator went kaput!
oh.. ya.. they don't have electricity supply.. only via generators..
Lex was preaching in total darkness (plus some light from our torchlights) for abt 15mins before they got the generator working..
God was in it again - the spark plug burnt.. but somehow.. they manage to save it.God's blessing.
Then.. whilst Lex was jokingly saying, "Jadilah terang!", there was light! AMEN!! then he 'nailed' in the 3 key points of the message

9.30pm - "rally" ended, off the 6 drivers went to take the kids back..
we stayed behind to clean the hall and prepare it for our 'room'..

11.00pm - i 'knocked' out.. didn't move until 6am in the morning..
also.. Ai Fuah slept next to me.. we were the minority that escaped the 'attack' of the mozzies! :)

Sun 30Jan2005

7.00am - brekkie, hot tom yam instant noodles.. and hot milo!!

8.00am - students were streaming in again for sunday service - kebaktian
imagine.. the students have to walk 30mins ONE way to get to church.. this time.. the warden allowed them to go out, since its daylight.
started with some ice-breakers, then worship, Lex led, it was powerful! God's presence was there.. and the kids were worshipping! Amen!

8.45am - John shared.. abt "crossing your river Jordan".. not an easy one to preach in BM but he managed well!
then.. altar call, wah liao eh.. EVERYONE went forward.. so.. the YO! team got to pray for everyone.. even the youngest team member of 13 yrs old prayed for them.. some were in tears.. others sobbing! God is working again..

11.30pm - lunch was served.. we brought along 60packs of beehoon to be cooked to feed the kids.. approx 200kids.. the locals did a great job cooking them.. tiring too!! almost 10 rounds of frying on the wok!! oh.. they are so basic.. imagine this.. no chopping board or knife.. or can opener.. they used parang to cut stuff.. we were shocked.. good thing we had a knife!
how they lived?? think basic.. very basic.. i felt i was in the Halls Creek at the Kimberleys again!

1.00pm - debrief, sharing and prayer for the YO! team and photo shoot.

2.00pm - our journey back.. which was very interesting too.. after such a great rally, God with us.. the enemy still didn't want to sit still.. he already attacked us before we left, at the rally and now on the way back..
we had a flat tire, which was fixed.. then.. this is closer to home..
Lex and I, with the 3 passengers were happily chatting away in the 4WD on the rocky road when suddenly the vehicle slanted to the left.. Lex knew something was bad.. breaked and the next thing i saw was our left rear tyre passing me by and stopped at the front left tyre!
ya.. the tyre came off!!

the other vehicles stopped and a few of us went 'nut' hunting.. as in.. there were 6 nuts holding the tyre to the body of the 4WD. so.. we walked.. not sure if we would find any nuts.. but with God's grace.. we found all 6!!! Praise God!
in the hot sun.. Lex and a few guys fixed the tyre in, locked it tight and off we continued on our journey.

not too long after.. abt 3pm - the unexpected happenned again..
yups.. the SAME tyre came off!! and we started the routine again.. off we went nut hunting and found all 6!! this time.. we moved the nuts round from other tyres.. prayed harder for God to intervene.. and by 4pm we were on the way to Ranau.. Lex took his time.. stopped now and then to check the tyre and screw it just in case.

we arrived Ranau at 5pm++, had our promised free KFC "lunch", man.. KFC hadn't taste as good as that day!! all 26 ppl attacked like hungry pigs! i did anyway! haha..

we then off loaded intruments and passagers on our 4WD. only Lex and I remained, driving slowly.. I checked the wheel quite often all the way back.. and praise God.. the tyre remained intact!! AMEN!!
the journey back tru the mountain ranges were a mixture of bitter sweet.
Sweet - i saw the WHOLE view of Mt KK, very clear, according to Ai Fuah, she hasn't seen such a beautiful scenery the years she has been there! God's blessing!
plus.. there was a ring of clouds just below the ranges.. in one word - awesome!
Bitter - the mist was bad.. literally zero visibility! we had highlights on and still we couldn't see beyond 10metres of the road at some points. But God kept all 6 vehicles safe! Praise God!

both Lex and I were tired.. we were keeping each other awake.. from jokes to cranky CNY songs! haha.. we were so relieved when we arrived back at church to unload some intruments abt 8.30pm. Lex then went back to shower, rested awhile and off he went back to work on his night shift.

the next day.. he totally "konged" out!! well.. i did too! ahha
bottom line - God was with us all the way.. even tru the tough moments.. God is faithful!